With deep roots in the Indian economy for over five decades, the ICICI Group is India's fastest growing financial services conglomerate.

Its rapid growth, particularly in the last decade, has been accompanied by a long-term commitment to enhancing the economic, social as well as human development outcomes through a variety of initiatives for the weaker sections of society.

Our work in the area of development is focused on facilitating wider participation by India's poorer communities in social and economic processes. The initiatives are broadly divided into two spheres- Initiatives that seek to make broader impact on society, which we pursue through a partnership approach; and initiatives that directly impact the economic well-being of individuals, where we have a more direct engagement.

Partnership based development initiatives:

1. Read to Lead
2. ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth
3. Technology Finance Group
4. ICICI Knowledge Park
5. ICICI CSO Platform

Market based direct initiatives:

1. Access to Markets